Useful Links

All Special Kids

ASK – All Special Kids is a one-stop resource for parents, schools and specialists, helping to support children with learning differences and special educational needs in Switzerland.


The global expat network. Life in and around Geneva, in English.

Creative Living Geneva

Creative Living Geneva is a blog which aims to to share information, interviews, ideas and tips about creative people, places, events and activities in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and beyond.

Geneva Amateur Operatic Society

GAOS puts on productions in English, performed by talented amateurs. Their calendar typically includes an orchestral spring show, a catered summer musical event, and a traditional English pantomime in early December. In addition, the youth group puts on a production in late summer. Contact them to get involved on stage or backstage.

Geneva English Drama Society

GEDS provides a diverse theatre programme with a wide variety of styles and periods. A typical season includes 3-4 full stage productions and 20 fortnightly staged play-readings, plus workshops and social events. The play-readings normally attract 50-100 people, and provide onstage roles for both experienced and aspiring actors.

Geneva Writers’ Group

Started in 1993, the Geneva Writers’ Group brings together over 200 English-language writers from 30 countries. Its objective is to encourage all forms of creative writing in English.

Know-it-all passport

News and what to do in the Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France areas.


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